BESS awarded prizes

During the annual scientific meeting, the Education Committee judges every paper and poster and awards prizes according to strict criteria. Below is a list of our awards and the latest recipients details:

  • The Lipmann-Kessel prize - awarded to the presenter of the best paper.

(2018, Glasgow) The impact of patient activation on disability and patient experience following upper extremity fractures: P Jayakumar; T Teunis; S Lamb; AM Vranceanu; D Ring; S Gwilym

  • The Ian Kelly prize - awarded to the presenter of the second highest scoring paper.

(2018, Glasgow) Virtual orthopaedic clinic for upper limb arthroplasty follow-up in a tertiary referral centre: D Butt; A Denton; D Higgs; M Falworth; A Majed; W Rudge

  • The Paul Calvert Endeavour prize - awarded to the presenter of the best paper from either a small institution or one with no established shoulder fellow.

(2018, Glasgow) Specialist shoulder and elbow physiotherapy led arthroplasty surveillance - making a difference: M Morgan; M Bateman; D Clark; A Tambe; M Espag; T Cresswell

  • The AHP prize - awarded to the presenter of the best AHP paper.

(2018, Glasgow) Management of atraumatic shoulder instability - updated results of a structured physiotherapy programme: M Bateman; S Osborne; BE Smith

  • The Poster prize - awarded to the best poster.

(2018, Glasgow) Laboratory study of principal strains and strain energy density developed in the glenoid and scapula during physiological loading of a reverse shoulder replacement: S Lambert; K Chin; S Taylor