Patient Care Pathways

The BESS Patient Care Pathways are being developed by BESS members who are leading research and treatment in their expert areas. The pathways have been specifically designed with patients and clinicians in mind and are available for public access.

Currently, there are five completed pathways: Frozen Shoulder; Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis; Subacromial Shoulder Pain; Traumatic Shoulder Instability; Atraumatic Shoulder Instability. Several more are in development and once completed they too will be published in the BESS journal, Shoulder & Elbow.


BESS has also published the following guidelines in Shoulder & Elbow:

  • In conjunction with the BOA: Investigation and management of periprosthetic joint infection in the shoulder and elbow
  • BESS Surgical procedure guidelines: The provision of primary and revision elbow replacement surgery in the NHS

Links to the Pathways and Guidelines can be found to your right.