This guide has been written by Cushla Cooper, UKUFF Trial Manager. It has been designed to provide BESS members with some initial guidance and considerations they will need to make before embarking on a research project.

Getting Started

Start by writing a protocol, including your:

  • Title
  • Abstract/summary
  • Background or rationale of the project
  • Aims/objectives
  • Information on participants
  • Experimental design and methods (including statistical analysis)
  • Ethical considerations

Decide, is this study research or audit? This tool may help you decide:

Next you’ll need to secure funding and identify a study sponsor. This would usually be your employing institution i.e. NHS Trust R&D Dept, University Medical Sciences Division. Then, set up an IRAS account for your ethics application.Go to and use your work email as username and create an easy to remember password. Once in follow links to My Projects > Create New Project. This account will let you complete the:

  • Ethics application (REC) Central Research & Development (R&D) application (NHS R&D)
  • Local R&D application (SSIF)
  • UKCRN Portfolio (PAF)

Now you can organise your study documentation. Start writing/collating your:

  • Patient Information Sheets
  • Consent forms
  • Questionnaires/outcomes to be used