Ethics - ensure you are ready!


Go to NRES website

  • Go to “Booking and Submitting your application for review”
  • Or consider “Proportionate Review” option
  • Click on Local Allocation System (LAS)
  • Call the local office relevant to you
  • They will provide some available dates for you to choose and book a slot
  • From the moment you book you have 4 working days to submit the application
  • They will give you a REC number to insert into the on-line forms


Back to the form 

  • Go to NHS REC form (left-hand panel)
  • Checklist – complete this, listing all documents you are submitting to ethics (e.g. Patient Info Sheet, Consent Form, Patient Questionnaires)
  • You can also upload all these documents on to this checklist


Authorisation tab

  • If you are doing electronic signatures – obtain these before you proceed to submit
  • If you are the Chief Investigator you can electronically authorise this document – follow instructions on Authorisations Tab
  • Check with your study sponsor whether they want to sign it electronically or by wet ink


Proceed to submission

  • If using wet ink signatures Proceed to Submission before obtaining these

Save/Print PDF from submission table

  • If you Save/Print any other way -  DRAFT will be seen throughout document 
  • NB. “Submit” on IRAS is important to remove ‘Draft’ on your PDF. It does not however submit to the Ethics committee – this should be posted or emailed separately.
  •  Ethics committees generally want hardcopies of everything posted to them – but some may now accept email submissions.


Central NHS R&D Form

  • Go to NHS R&D Form in left hand panel of your document on IRAS
  • Require Chief Investigator and Sponsor signatures again – as above
  • E-Submission Tab or do before this if ink-signature needed


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